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What Is Involved in Repairing Vehicles Involved in an Accident?

What Is Involved in Repairing Vehicles Involved in an Accident?  

What Is the Job of an Auto Repair Shop?

An auto repair shop is a group of people specializing in repairing cars which have been damaged in accidents. They do small repair jobs, like tapping out dents and smoothing away any impurities and total overhauls which could involve fabricating and replacing complete body panels. Most of these experts work for big chain dealerships or smaller private repair shops; however, there are some that are self-employed.

Technicians use numerous different kinds of tools and techniques to get to the final results that they have been aiming for. A technician may be required to hammer, shape, level, and smooth panels. Dents which are not able to be hammered will be filled with special putty that have to be repeatedly applied and sanded in order to achieve the right shape.

If doors or fenders are badly damaged or rusted, a collision repair expert will create new pieces using raw materials. They will first take accurate measurements, cut precise templates, rivet and weld new sheets in place, and then sand down any edges which are rough. Warped frames will need intensive metalwork, which will make the alignment correct. With a body back in shape, a vehicle is then sent to be re-sprayed.

A collision repair technician is also able to repair and inspect fuel lines, steering columns, brakes, electrical lines, and can significantly shorten the amount of time a car is stuck in the shop. In addition, technicians are usually trained to seal, replace, or temper windshields when they are destroyed in a crash.

The requirements necessary to become such a technician do vary between each employer. Potential candidates that have high school diplomas and experience working on vehicles could be offered jobs; however, opportunities are better for individuals that have post-secondary training.

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