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Paintless Dent Removal and Its Cost

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Paintless dent repair can fix up to 90% of car dents, say experts. PDR is a paint-free method of fixing minor car damage while the paint is intact. Paintless dent removal can repair hail-damaged dents, bodyline dents, minor dings, and some bigger dents. PDR works on steel and aluminum automotive panels. Car dent repair returns your vehicle to its original form, and costs vary on the damage and time required. Your auto body shop will evaluate these four elements to determine paintless dent repair costs.

Size. It is usual for the cost of paintless dent repair to rise as the size of the damage increases. Dent sizes are often classified according to coin sizes, such as a dime, nickel, quarter, and half-dollar. The smaller the dent, the simpler and quicker it is to restore the item to its original condition.

Location. Dent placement might affect paintless dent repair costs due to the difficulty of eliminating dents in particular regions. Some dents are easy to reach and may be mended quickly, but others require more tools and care. Dents near the panel’s edge need more time and accuracy to remove and cost more to fix. Dents in the middle of a panel without bracing can be fixed for less.

Depth. The size and shape of a dent can be used to describe its depth. This can change depending on how the dent was made. For example, a piece of hail that falls on a car makes a dent that is different in size and shape than the damage caused by a car accident. How long it takes to fix a dent depends on how deep and uneven it is. This, in turn, can change how much it costs to fix a dent without paint.

Number. The number of dents also affects paintless dent repair costs. If your car has serious hail damage, it may need several dents repaired. If the dents are localized, prices may be cheaper than if they are in different regions. As the number of dents increases, especially if they’re not in the same place, so will the cost, since it takes longer to repair many panels.

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