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Not Sure When to Book Your Car in for a Service?

Not Sure When to Book Your Car in for a Service?

Car Repair Service Tips on Maintenance Schedules


If you are like most people, your car is an extremely important resource. And without it, your life will be thrown into chaos. Which is why you need to implement a regular car maintenance schedule with your local car repair service. In order to determine which schedule is the best one, you can either consult your vehicle’s manual or speak to an auto maintenance expert.


Breakdowns are frustrating and often expensive. And in some cases, they can be avoided. One good way to prevent them is to properly maintain your vehicle. Many drivers simply do not know which components need to be checked or replaced without some help. Which is why manufacturers include a car maintenance schedule with all their vehicles.


A car maintenance schedule is a document or booklet which tells car owners what services they need to do and when to do them. They will be able to track and confirm when services are needed by comparing how many miles they have driven against their cars maintenance schedule. For instance, a car maintenance document could recommend a tune-up at 12,000 miles. When the odometer approaches this number, you should schedule a service.


However, if you no longer have the car maintenance schedule, you need to check your owner’s manual. There are sections which offer advice on how to maintain your vehicle. This is usually not as comprehensive, however, it does offer you information that will help you to establish a car maintenance program. Useful vehicle-specific information can often be found on the Internet.


A car repair service will also be a good asset to have. This is truer should you have any special needs or concerns. For instance, you could drive long distances or frequently drive in places which is muddy or has steep inclines. This will create circumstances which are best handled with a car maintenance schedule. If you would like to book your car in for a service check, then please call A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MD now at (301) 364-4619.

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