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Is Your Transmission Starting to Slip Gears?

Is Your Transmission Starting to Slip Gears?

Tips from a Transmission Service Provider

How often should I change my transmission fluid? This is something A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring, a transmission service provider, is frequently asked. If you would like to know also, then read our blog now.

There are a variety of factors that can affect the frequency with which you need to change your auto transmission fluid, or ATF for short. Different vehicles come with varying service intervals, and your owner’s manual will specify what the correct mileage is for your car. Many vehicles need their transmission fluid changed every 25,000 miles, although some specify longer intervals. Driving conditions can also call for more frequent changing, and checking the fluid regularly will show if there is a substantial fluid degradation. This kind of regular inspection can show if the fluid is low, which generally indicates a leak.

Auto transmission fluid gets very hot during operation, which can result in a breakdown in its composition, which can interfere with its ability to lubricate. Various internal components can also wear out over time, which will release contaminants into the fluid. New ATF is a bright, cherry red color, and dirty fluid appears grey or black and often smells burnt. Wiping the dirty fluid on a clean rag will reveal metal particulates also. If any of these characteristics start to appear in your transmission fluid, the time has come to change it regardless of the mileage.

An important part when performing a transmission flush is replacing the filter if one is equipped that is. A few vehicles will have an external spin-on unit, very similar to oil filters, though it is more common for filters to be located internally. In this case, the pan must be removed first to replace the filter. If the pan gasket has a leak, it is a good idea to have your fluid changed and filter replaced at the same time you have the gasket repaired.

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