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How to Extend the Life of Your Transmission

How to Extend the Life of Your Transmission  

A Dependable Transmission Service Provider Offers Helpful Tips

The transmission system is probably the most complicated part of any vehicle. That means that just like any other mechanism, it requires to be maintained on a regular basis. It’s crucial to maintain the transmission in the way that the manufacturer recommended. By keeping your transmission in good condition, you can postpone the booking of a professional transmission service for now.

Check the condition and the level of the transmission fluid

When you are checking the fluid, your car should be in park and running. Pull the transmission dipstick and check the color of the fluid. If it’s red and without odor, you don’t need to worry. However, if it smells weird and the color is brown or black, then you have to replace it.

Be aware of strange noises

In order to catch any problems with the transmission of your car, you need to be aware of any strange noises, vibrations and behavior. The faster you bring your car to a repair shop, the cheaper the service will end up being.

Check for leaks

Every time you pull out of a parking lot or a garage, check for transmission fluid spots. If you see any under your vehicle, this is a sign of a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Look out for the warning signs

In case you notice any of those signs, don’t hesitate to contact experts.

  • Standard transmission is loud and hard to shift.

  • The vehicle is over heating.

  • Having difficulty in shifting gears.

  • You can’t get the vehicle to move when in reverse.

  • The engine sounds like it’s accelerating, but the vehicle cannot move at all.

  • You have weird noises when the transmission shifts.

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