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How Are Cars Raised Up in Garages?

How Are Cars Raised Up in Garages?

What Are Auto Service Center Lifts

Have you ever wondered how a professional auto service center gained access to the underbelly of cars? Well wonder no more, read to find out how this is achieved.

Auto lifts are devices that use hydraulics to raise a vehicle off the ground. Almost every professional auto repair center will have at least one, which will be recessed into the floor of a service bay, and a portable car lift which can be used in another area of the facility. While the automotive lift is often linked with auto repair facilities, there are a few that are used in manufacturing environments and sometimes around the home.

Along with the automotive lifts which are recessed and permanently placed in garages, there are others that can be used in several different settings. Just about all these lifts are classified as hydraulic lifts, in terms of their size and configuration. Some are built for periodic use, while others are durable enough that they can be used on a daily basis.

The in-ground auto lift is the most common. These have the hydraulics below ground level and will come with 2 ramps which permit a vehicle to be driven onto and locked in place. Once done, the mechanism raises the vehicle up so the mechanic is able to comfortably reach sections of the underside of the automobile. In addition to being used in garages, these automotive lifts can also be often found in smaller businesses that specialize in oil and filter changes.

Among the different portable auto lifts, the scissors lift is considered the most popular. Often, these lifts require the vehicle to be positioned above the device by driving it onto tire guides or ramps. When it is activated, the mechanism will lift the vehicle upwards using a configuration that closely resembles a pair of scissors.

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