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Auto Repair Shop Tips on Bad Alternators

How to Know if Your Alternator Is on Its Way Out  

Many vehicle owners have learned from experience, ignoring problems with their alternators and starters will not make them go away, as they will only get worse! If your vehicle is starting to have problems, there are a few warning signs to watch for indicating problems that are associated with failing starters and alternators. So before your auto repair shop hits you with a massive bill, read the following.

6 Warnings Signs of auto electrical problems:

Dashboard Warning Lights

When the dashboard lights come on, more so the check engine light, class them as a warning that something in your engine requires immediate attention. Never ignore these lights, as they will not magically go away on their own.

Strange Sounds

Strange sounds emanating from the engine are often an indication that you need to make an appointment with an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Burning Smell

This can often be due to overheating electric connections, which could mean your car has a circuit or fuse malfunction.

Dimming Lights

This is usually an indication of a failing alternator, meaning the car battery is unable to retain a charge.

Dead Battery

This is common during the winter months when lights are on for longer, or if the lights are left on by accident once the car is switched off. It can be rectified by a simple jump-start, however, remember to have your battery checked. Damage to starters and alternators is frequently due to weak or dying batteries.

Electrical Malfunctions

A broken connection or a simple wire can often result in a series of electrical issues. This is another job for your repair technician to look at.

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