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Professional Auto repair shop in Silver Spring, MD

The Reliable Auto Service Center You Need

Is your car’s check engine light showing on the dashboard? Maybe your breaks make strange noises every time you hit the pedal? In either case, turning to a reliable Auto Repair Shop is the right thing to do. The mechanics at A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring are experienced and highly qualified to fix your car quickly and efficiently. So, no matter what the nature of the issues you’re experiencing with your vehicle, call us! With us, you will get back on the road in a timely and reliable manner.

The dent removal company in Silver Spring, MD is A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring

Auto repair shop

Auto Repair Shop

What A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring Offers

Superior dent repair services in Silver Spring, MD by A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring

Our local auto service center in Silver Spring, MD is the place where you can take advantage of services such as auto body repairs, transmission replacement and repair, brake repair, car painting, collision repair, auto dent removal, lockout assistance, oil changes, towing, and much more.

Auto repair service

Auto Repair Service

Why Turn To a Professional Car Repair Service Provider

Get transmission service services in Silver Spring, MD by A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring

All vehicle owners usually face problems at some point during the time of driving their vehicle, and it’s essential to repair it properly when these problems occur. Unfortunately, many car owners don’t have the experience and tools required to fix things on their own, so one of the best ways to ensure your car receives the best care possible is to hire an expert auto repair service provider. They are available in every city in the country and can quickly and easily make the repairs your car needs.

What To Expect From Our Auto Body Repair Technicians

Expert engine service by A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MD

We explain everything in detail to our clients regarding what’s wrong, how we are going to fix it, and the time it will take us to complete the job. Our technicians are trained to make sure each customer fully understands the problem with their vehicle and what we plan to do with it. We understand that when a mechanic gives fair pricing and is truly honest, every client stays loyal forever. So, you can be certain of our quality work, dependability, integrity, and responsibility.

Do you need to turn to someone that specializes in auto body repairs and operates in Silver Spring, MD? If this is the case, give us a call today!

Client’s Testimonial

Highly recommend!

These mechanics repaired the brakes on my car really quickly! I am really happy with the customer service and the fair rate I had to pay for the job well done. Keep up the excellent work!

A & S Auto Service Center - Silver Spring
Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • Auto Body Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Car Painting
  • Auto Dent Removal
  • Lock Out Service
  • Towing Services

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